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NRHS Named to the Annual AP District Honor Roll

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It is a great pleasure to announce that North Rockland Central School District  is
1 of 373 school districts in the U.S. and Canada that has been named to the 9th Annual AP District Honor Roll.

The high school received this designation for having simultaneously achieved increases in access to Advanced Placement courses for a broader number of students and also maintained or improved the rate at which their AP students earned scores of 3 or higher on an AP Exam.

North Rockland High School continues to receive national recognition for its outstanding academic program and for the high performance of students taking the school’s most rigorous courses.   North Rockland High School offers over 55 college-level and Advanced Placement courses. Dr. Michael Gill, principal of North Rockland High School said, “We are very proud of our students and their collective accomplishments.  Our students take rigorous courses and, as this honor validates, do very well on the challenging exams. We feel strongly that North Rockland graduates will be prepared for the challenges of college and beyond.”

North Rockland High School is also one of the few schools nationally that has received this award multiple times, last being honored in 2014 for the 4th Annual AP District Honor Roll.  Clearly our schools and students demonstrate “Raider Pride.”

Welcome to the North Rockland High School Website

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an image of the North Rockland logoWelcome to the web page for North Rockland High School. Here you will find valuable information and updates on all North Rockland High School events and actvities. 

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