Student Activities

Student Activities 2016-2017


            G.O.                                                                      Mr. Garcia / Ms. Berman

            Class of 2020                                                       Mrs. McGovern / Ms. Sassone

            Class of 2019                                                       Mrs. Mitchell / Mrs. Rivera

            Class of 2018                                                       Mrs. DeSimone / Mrs. Williams

            Class of 2017                                                       Mrs. Adkins / Mrs. Berzon


Academic League                                                    Ms. Dufek-Varieur

American Sign Language                                        Dr. Furline

Anime Club                                                             Mr. Lefkow

Aspira                                                                     Ms. Valerio

BASIC (Brothers and Sisters In Christ)                                     Mrs. Steele / Mrs. Guerra

Benjamin Franklin Society                                      Mr. Diglio

Best Buddies                                                          Mrs. Tedesco

Board Game Club                                                  Ms. Botta

Business Club                                                        Mr. Ahle / Mr. Teglas

          Chess Club                                                             Mr. Castro

          Crocheting Club                                                     Mrs. Gray

          Dance Club                                                            Mrs. DeSimone

          Debate Club                                                          Mrs. Baez

DIY (Do It Yourself) Club                                                Mrs. O’Sullivan                                  

Drama Society                                                       Mrs. Stellato / Mr. Huppert

Eastern Culture Club                                              Mr. Giammarino

Environmental / Recycling Club                             TBA

First Responders                                                    Mr. Hoffman

FOR (Friends of Rachel) Club                                           Mr. Kolesar

French Club                                                           Mr. Zamor

Future Educators of America                                 Mr. Metcalf

Future Healthcare Workers of America                 Mrs. Peters

Gender Equality Awareness Club                          Mrs. Baez

Guitar Club                                                            Mr. Lefkow

Heroes & Cool Kids                                                Mr. Mulligan / Mr. Siuta

          Interact Club                                                         Dr. Gill / Mrs. Stefania

          Italian American Club                                           Mrs. Savone

Key Club                                                               Mrs. O’Sullivan          

Math League                                                        Mrs. D. Cavanagh / Mrs. Hansen

NR United Athletics                                              Mr. Castaldo / Michael Dwyer / Thomas Nelson

PEACE (People Everywhere Are Created Equal)                        TBA               

Peer Mediators                                                    Mrs. Aylmer / Ms. Steele

Photography Club                                               Mr. Malora

PULSE (People United Learning to Stand Equally)                     Ms. Williams / Mrs. Newborn

SADD: (Students Against Destructive Decisions)                       Mrs. Perrillo   

          SAAV: (Students Against Animal Violence)                                  Mr. Giammarino

School Store (Raging Raider)                                          Mr. Ahle

Spanish Club                                                       Mrs. Berman / Ms. Mendez-Torres / Mrs. Kwietniak

Stem:  (Photography, Alter Energy & Electron Car)                    Mr. Malora / Mr. Hoffman

Student Ambassadors                                         Mrs. Ceresnik / Mrs. Armstrong

VAASA: (Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse)                           Mrs. Aylmer                                                    

          Youth Against Cancer                                          Mrs. O’Sullivan / Ms. Sassone

          Youth for Hospice                                                Mr. Pade                             


            Rambling Raider (Newspaper )                          Mr. Ludwig / Mr. Siuta

            Recensio (Yearbook)                                          Mr. Anderson / Mr. Solicito

            Reflections (Literary Magazine)                         Mrs. Negron


            National Honor Society                                     Mr. Siuta

            Art Honor Society                                              Mrs. Bauman

            Business Honor Society                                     Mr. Ahle

            English Honor Society                                       Mr. Armida / Ms. Valerio

            Mathematics Honor Society                              Mrs. Gray

            Music Honor Society                                          Ms. Santillo

            Science Honor Society                                       Mr. Pade

            Social Studies Honor Society                            Mr. Metcalf

            Technology Honor Society                                Mr. Malora

 World Language Honor Society                         Dr. Furline


             Chorus                                                             Ms. Santillo

            Jazz Band                                                        Mr. McHugh

            Marching Band                                                Mrs. Bankey

            Orchestra                                                        Mr. Bjorkman


                                                                                    Major Hooker

                                                                                    SCPO Cavanagh